Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Didn't America Get to Witness the Epic Glee Live! Same-Sex Kisses? (300×300)During the swan-song performance of Glee Live! Tour in Dublin, Heather Morris, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer and Darren Criss put on an impromptu midshow skit that caused gleeks everywhere to become giddy with...well, glee!  
Morris' airheaded Brittany took the stage to shamelessly hit on Criss' Blaine, who she mistakenly still thought was straight. Poor Britt is left all alone with no one to kiss. Enter Santana. The kiss barely lasted a second, but oh Glee gods, hear the roar.
And if fans weren't convulsing yet, the lovefest continued when Colfer took the stage with Criss to read a poem of his own creation. Are you keeping up? The poem included the line, "Since we've met it's been absolute heaven/For your Emmy consideration, 2011." When he had finished Criss simply replied, "You had me at Emmy!" and laid a fresh one on a clearly surprised Colfer. We assume that's about the time the internet exploded.
And we can't help but wonder: Was the skit purposely planned for a concert rendezvous across the pond?
Fox isn't saying. But let's get real: It just seems odd that the overly eager and patient Brittana fans of the U.S. weren't given the once-in-a-lifetime opp to finally witness their OTP smooch onstage. Especially after Glee exec Brad Falchuk tweeted back in January, "Brittana is on. Brittana was always on."
As we said, the publicity team behind Glee Live! declined to comment.
But, come on, do we really even need an explanation?
Even though the good citizens of the U.S. of A. are slowly becoming less uptight about equality (hats off to you, New York!), Europe is easily more liberal and inclusive than our lovely nation, especially in terms of media. But when the internet erupts with happiness after a long-awaited kiss hits the web, is there really an excuse as to why America gets left in the dark?
"They Kissed" trended worldwide after Kurt and Blaine first locked lips in March. The phrase reemerged and trended for 12 hours worldwide after news of the Brittana kiss broke. Did you hear that, Fox execs? Twelve. Freaking. Hours.
Well, until the masterminds behind Glee come to their senses, we'll be chillin' in our Glee Live! bubble. Where everything's Klaine and Brittana and nothing hurts


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