Saturday, July 16, 2011

In the Sugar Spotlight: Neutrogena Blue Line

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"The Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is light and gentle but most importantly it's effective at removing eye makeup without that horrible stinging sensation that many products can give. The packaging is simple enough, I soak a cotton pad or two with the product and it's more than enough to completely remove my eye makeup. The price is very reasonable for a product that does exactly what it promises. The oil-free liquid is great and there is the added soothing bonus of aloe and cucumber in the formula. Love it! These handy towelettes are perfect for those nights where you can't be bothered with your regular skincare routine. I'm usually pretty strict when it comes to removing all my makeup, but sometimes coming home from a night out means the most you can do is whip out a towelette and wipe away every last bit of makeup. I found there was no sticky residue after using the towelettes, which means if I'm feeling extra lazy, I won't even splash my face with water after using them. These are fantastic for the price and extra gentle on my sensitive skin." — Angie
"I have such sensitive skin around my eyes so I’ll be honest — I’m a total sceptic when it comes to products saying they're “safe for sensitive skin.” But I take it all back because Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Makeup Remover really is! The product was easy to apply and I was waiting for that usual pang of sting and irritation but it never came! And the best bit is, it removed my stubborn waterproof mascara — normally I have to use makeup removers or wipes at least twice to get that off! I was really impressed with the finish, too, it left my skin clean but there wasn’t any excess oil or that greasy feeling that you tend to get with makeup removers. Overall a great product that I would (and have been!) recommending to all of my friends. The wipes were also good, but they didn’t wow me. They did everything I wanted them to, but other brands have also done the same in the past. Though I will say that the wipe/cloth was very soft, definitely something I look for with sensitive skin." — Jen
"The towelettes were amazing. I have sensitive skin that's also acne prone, so when I try new products or products that are not plant-based, my skin usually goes red, tight and then breaks out. In the past with other brands of facial wipes I could tell almost instantly that they had aggravated my skin, but these were fabulous! They didn't leave my skin red or tight, so far haven't caused me to breakout, and didn't have that perfumed or chemical smell. I also found that it didn't leave my skin wet that other brands of wipes do — it felt refreshing and cleansed, but not like I had to wipe my face again. It also took off ALL my makeup. I usually don't wear heavy makeup, but sometimes my work demands that I do and the Neutrogena Blue Line towelettes took it all off, including eye makeup! Just amazing — I'll be telling everyone I know that has sensitive skin to try it as it's so hard to find a good product that doesn't irritate the skin! Usually I don't use eye makeup removers as I use my face cleanser, however, I gave this a go — literally in one swipe it removed all my liquid eyeliner and mascara. Again, no perfume or chemical smell, and it didn't irritate my eyes like other brands have in the past. It's most definitely my new favourite and a new staple in my bathroom cupboard!" — Leah
"My trial of began on a day I was to be reunited with people I hadn't seen in 10 years. Needless to say, at the risk of sounding vain, I aimed to look my best — I think I put every conceivable makeup product on my face. That night, after many compliments about how great I was looking, I started removing my makeup. Due to the sheer volume of eye makeup I had piled on I had to use one square for each eye but the results were impressive. Not only was my makeup removed effortlessly and completely, the skin around my eyes felt soft and soothed, not tight or sensitive. Definitely a winner! Next, I reached for the towelettes. Now, I usually use normal baby wipes and I'm used to finding a little makeup residue afterwards but the towelettes left no trace at all. After two weeks of constant use I would highly recommend the Oil-Free Makeup Remover. It did an outstanding job of removing my eye makeup and left my eyes feeling quite content. While I was very impressed with the performance of the towelettes, I did find that my skin got a little sensitive if I used them every day and my skin is not the sensitive type." —Helen
"I applied the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover on a cotton pad, then swiped over my eyelids and it lifted away all my eye makeup in a few easy swipes without tugging at the delicate eye area — fabulous. It has a bit of a clinical smell but it's not overpowering and didn't bother me one bit. If I was to pick a fault, it would be that it leaves a slightly greasy residue, but it works brilliantly at getting rid of eye makeup. The towelettes are alcohol free, have a lovely fresh smell and are super gentle on my skin. With the amount of makeup I wear I usually need two wipes to clean my whole face, but that's not a problem at all. It doesn't leave any sticky residue on the skin, so if you can't be bothered washing your face afterwards, you don't have to. And let's face it, the whole reason we use these towelettes is because we're too lazy to wash our faces! Would I buy these products? A big fat yes! Not only are they effective, they're cheap and you don't have to go far to look for them. I'll be switching over from my current wipes and makeup removers as soon I finish them." — Lilit
"I tend to wear a lot of heavy eye makeup including waterproof mascara, as I wear contact lenses so my eyes tend to be quite watery after and before I apply them. The eye makeup remover was the perfect way to get rid of the excess after using the incredible towelettes — although I had to rub them a few times to make sure everything was gone. The towelettes, however, have become my new best friend. I love using them when I don't have time to wash my face with cleanser — they're easy to use and didn't dry up. They've become a staple in my beauty cupboard. Thanks Bella!" — Samantha
"I used the towelettes every night to remove my makeup and was very surprised at how well they worked. I loved that it was a low scent because I have sensitive skin and I was expecting them to irritate my skin until I was used to them but they didn't, which was very exciting. I did have a small breakout along my hairline on both sides, I don't know if it was a reaction to towelettes or just me — I'll have to see. Overall loved them and they were cheap! I did like the eye makeup remover but found that I didn't really need it as I don't wear heavy eye makeup and found that the towelettes had already removed everything. I did like how it made the area around my eyes feel nice and soft. I gave the remover to my teenage daughter who uses heavy eye makeup and waterproof mascara, she loved it. She normally just uses a foaming cleanser and has to scrub at her eyes but with this she didn't. I'll be buying it for her in the future." —Amanda
"I'm definitely a girl who swears by a good makeup remover wipe and am big believer in removing all of your makeup before you wash your face with your day-to-day cleanser. The Neutrogena Blue Line products were right up my alley — I found that the eye makeup remover got rid of all of my eyeliner and mascara after only a few wipes, while the Towelettes thoroughly removed my foundation and bronzer. Reasonably priced and excellent value for money — I'll definitely be buying them both when I run out!" — Maree
"I’m always a little dubious of facial cleansing wipes, and don’t usually use them as I feel they don’t give as good a clean as an old fashion facial cleanser and water. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘clean’ feel the Neutrogena wipes gave. There was no chemically smell – just fresh, supple skin. Convenience factor? 10 out of 10. I may not use this every day, but for those late nights when all I want to do is hit the hay these wipes are my go-to face savers. I tried the Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover with some trepidation, expecting stingy eyes and puffy lids but this actually made removing my mascara and eyeliner much easier and faster. The pleasant, subtle smell was nice (not toxic smelling at all, like some I’ve tried), and it took off a smoky eye makeup look in two wipes with cotton wool. I was impressed! I probably don’t need this every day, but for those times when I go to town on my eye makeup, this is going to be a lifesaver." — Sophia
"I already have my go-to brand for makeup remover towelettes, so when I was sent the Neutrogena Blue Line products to trial, I was keen to see whether they would be better than my current brand. I was pleasantly surprised, they were better than I expected — my foundation and pressed powder were removed with ease and the majority of my eye makeup came off, too. That's where the Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover came in — two swipes and most of my eye makeup came off, just a few stubborn flecks of mascara remained. I have to say I'm a Neutrogena Blue Line convert, and am now looking into try the skincare range, too!" — Carly


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