Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: Plot Assesment by ThaMessenger

                                                                    With the release of "The Dark Knight Rises" teaser poster & leak of the trailer, the films buzz is once again picking up. There has been a picture of Tom Hardy as Bane and the core Cast has been released. Beyond this we know little of the Plot. Well, lets take what we know and develop an educated assessment as to what the plot could be.
Most of us know how secretive Mr. Nolan is over the details of his films. Some would say not to ruin the plot but in my own opinion, he uses this as a part of marketing and as a way to make the film an experience, rather then a moment. This is why much of the news regarding his films get a lot of attention, yet very skeptical responses. Most can't believe any detail and would much rather hear it from Nolan him self. Some don't even dare to speculate what he intends on doing, as if it is impossible. Personally, I love the challenge.

In this Editorial I am going to do a breakdown of how I feel this films plot will play. I will use a combination of the rumors that have yet to be debunked, the previous films, the comic source material, and the little facts and details that we know. This will allow us to make an educated assessment and spark discussion & debate. I will also give a short education on the Comic Book lore and reference the possible Source Material.

The Franchise -

TDKR is said to be the last of the Batman films in the Nolan Franchise. While it is quite obvious WB will continue to release more Batman films that will more then likely be reboots of the story currently being told. None the less, this is almost definitely the last Batman film in this franchise. Nolan has made many remarks as to "ending his story" and to have found the "right way to end it." This would make one wonder how he will finalize a story, that in the source material will never truly end. Batman is a never ending force, regardless of the Man under the cowl. 
This movie has to be one of, if not the most solid origin story given in a CBM to this point. We were given the motive for Bruce Waynes transformation to Batman. We saw the task he took on to achieve Iconic status and to battle the forces of evil that plague his home town, Gotham City. He trained with a secret league that through the millenniums have trained to destroy evil in the worst cities in the world. While having a similar goal of justice, there way of going about the elimination of crime was to eradicate the city of source, much like the Burning of Sodom & Gomorrah. This causes Batman/Bruce Wayne to fight the The League of Shadows, lead by his mentor Ra's Al Ghul, who has orchestrated a plot to destroy Gotham City from within.

The first film establishes Bruce/Batman as a Hero and his personalty and personal moral code is brought to light. This sets the tone of his world and opens the possibility of greater threats in this world. 
The second film starts off by showing how Batman has inspired the people of Gotham. It starts by showing he has done so in both a Positive as well as Negative way. There are now men imitating him, wearing standard body armor and carrying high powered assault rifles. We also see that Johnathan Crane who was introduced in the first film, is now a masked drug dealer that goes by the name of Scarecrow. The standard criminals are scared but a new threat arises. This pits Batman against one of his all time greatest Villains The Joker. In one of the most mentally grueling Battle Batman under goes he finds victory but only at the loss of the woman he loves and the man he believed could take his place as the protector of Gotham. The film ends with Batman being an outlaw accused of the murder of multiple mob bosses, corrupt cops and DA Harvey Dent.

The whole theme of this film was set within the Final lines of Commissioner Gordon in "Batman Begins."

"We start carrying semi automatics, they buy automatics, we start wearing Kevlar, they buy armor piercing rounds, and *you're* wearing a mask and jumping off rooftops. take this guy: armed robbery, double homicide. Got a taste for the theatrical, like you. Leaves a calling card."

The first 2 films in this franchise show that this is one single story that expands, evolves and are guided by cause & effect. It is safe to say the Third film will follow suit. 
In this movie Batman is an outlaw and a criminal as a result to the end of TDK. The city will need a hero to rise up and take the role of Protector, a leader type. A leader can be a generous King or a Totalitarian Tyrant. While one man can wish to rebuild the rubble of a broken city, the other may intend to burn it to ashes and eliminate the Burden. This is fits the characterization of the Hero and Villain from the Comics and truly seems like the direction of the film.

I see this franchise coming back around full circle and ending with Bane, as the current leader of The League of Shadows and finishing what Ra's had started. This would give him all the same training as Batman except he would have been raised as a member of The league, thus believing there way to be just. There are also rumors of him being Resistant to pain, which I could believe. If this is the case, Bane would be subject to some toxin that allows him to have this immunity keeping his "Venom" a key part of the film and explaining the Face mask in the picture that had been released. It would make sense for the League of shadows to attempt to finish what they started as there Ideology was embedded in them and the death of Ra's is further motivation. Especially if Bane sees Ra's as a Father figure because he grew up feeling abandoned by his own father.

It is very likely that they go the route of having the League burn down "Santa Prisca" island and "Peña Duro" prison. This has come up in rumors and makes sense as to how they function and there philosophy. In doing this they may find Bane(as a again rumored). The inclusion of Catwoman is to have a new female love interest. The difference is that this time it's not Bruce Wayne's Love interest, it's Batman's love interest. With a Romance like hers the film can end with Batman not needing to end, she will accept if continues his crusade for justice. I feel it will end with him continuing his duty as Batman and becoming a permanent force, not with him dying or having his back broken. Unless there is someone to replace him. 


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