Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bruins are Cup Champs (KHL ReDesign Part VIII)

Last night ended the 2010-11 NHL season, on ice anyways.I don't think you can call it an upset but, I also don't think most people were thinking the Bruins would win. As evidenced by a couple Weekly Polls here on HJC, only 25% said Boston would beat Vancouver in the Final. Also, at the halfway mark of the season, only 6% of voters picked the Bruins to win the Cup.

I thought that the Cup Champs shirt and hat really sucked this year.I thought my concepts during the Game 1 Live Blog were better and even they weren't great. That hat looked like it was left over from 1990 when the Bruins lost to the Oilers!

Speaking of hats, a couple of weeks ago I saw what I thought was a Blackhawks 2011 Draft hat. It looked exactly the same as the 2010 NFL Draft hats. That was until I checked just now and they are showing THESE.

Now that the season is over on the ice, we look forward to the off ice activities. What tops most people's list is the Draft and Free Agency. While both are very exciting, I think most readers here are looking forward to new sweater season! That's right, starting soon we might start getting news and leaks of upcoming jerseys! At the Draft on the 24th, I believe that we are going to see the Panthers and Preds new sweaters! For anymore new sweater info check out the 11/12 JERSEY RUMOURS page if you haven't already.

Good to see the Las Vegas Vipers concepts rolling in. Click HERE to see the entries so far. Remember to read the rules before you send in your entry.

Now, Part VIII of Eric's KHL ReDesign, the final installment...

TORPEDO NIZHNY NOVGOROD (by Eric)This team has tried recently to go modern with their jersey set, but the results have been absolutely cancerous. Another simplified design here, with a shoulder logo of a missile going by a star (taking the team's name literally) and over the stripes. Their old logo has been simplified too; an unnecessary wordmark above the logo left, leaving the old deer and hockey sticks. The alt is slightly more outlandish than the normal jerseys, and features the Torpedo logo prominently. NOBs for Matt Ellison, Bernd Bruckler, and Ryan Vesce.

TRAKTOR CHELYABINSK (by Eric)Everybody who's seen this had said the same thing; "Why did you make such a crappy logo?" I didn't. The sad part is that I had no idea how to make a better logo. How exactly does one make a logo for a team called "Traktor"? An angry John Deere driving over a hockey stick? No. So I stuck with the angry polar bear. Black home, white road, red alt. Not too much to shout about here. Evgeny Kuznetsov, Andrei Nikolishin, and Vitali Yachmenev are the featured NOBs.

SALAVAT YULAEV UFA (by Eric)I had this concept for the current KHL champs ready months ago, and it was one of the first ones done. It may be a little ironic that it's the last one shown here. I love their colour palette, but I didn't think they used gold enough. I tried to rectify that. The alternate logo, a local symbol with the Cyrillic letter "U" for Ufa, is featured on the pants, shoulders, and on the alt, where the blue takes a backseat for the gold. NOBS are for Patrick Thoresen, Alex Radulov, and Igor Grigorenko.

Be sure to check out Eric's blog. You'll find other concepts that he's done there.

Boston Bruins concept (by Cody)We start regular programming with a vintage concept for the new Cup champs. This clearly needs work when applying the logo. Also, to show readers that you put more than 5 minutes into your design, try to include names on back and/or TV numbers on the sleeves. Try to be as authentic as possible.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Kyle S.)Another set for the champs, we go vintage again. I think the white jersey here is the best of the bunch. Also, now every time that I look at that heritage Bruins logo I like it more and more.

Winnipeg Falcons concepts (by Cody)If it were cleaned up a touch, I think I would like the home jersey. As we all know, I've wanted to see a grey jersey in the NHL for a while.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Mark)I said above that I want to see a grey jersey and I think this one is a perfect candidate! My only change would be reversing the colours on the arm stripes.

New York Islanders concept (by Kevin)The more I hear about the Islanders possibly using a black 3rd jersey next season, the less I want to see it. I get that it works for the Mets and Knicks but, I see this and I don't think it works. The concept is still put together well.

Grand Rapids Griffins concept (by Andrew)Not much to talk about on the jersey here. However, in the last post I mentioned the annual Griffins fan designed jersey contest. The logo used here was designed by last year's winner.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Michael N.)I'm on board now with the majority in saying that this jersey does look better without the vintage white. I like the idea of the chevrons on the jersey. I'd just use them as a shoulder patch instead of the hat logo.

Manitoba Moose concept (by Ryan)Here I was just trying to take the Moose's black pre-Edge jersey and turn it green. Then, as you can see, I Edge'd it back up.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Ryan)Just in case they don't use the Moose name, I also came up with a Jets concept. There is a possibility that they could be named the Jets. Glen, a frequent contributor to HJC, pointed out to me that Pitbaldo LLP, who have ownership stakes in TNSE, placed a Security Agreement on the Winnipeg Jets trademark on June 2 of this year. I can't tell you exactly what that means but, I'm sure there is a reader who as far smarter than I that can.

Cincinnati Stingers concepts (by Dwayne)Dwayne really impresses here with his 1st contribution to HJC. The Stingers had one of the best brands in the WHA. The Stingers were actually convinced that they were going to be one of the teams to merge with the NHL back in 1979. As we all know, Hartford, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Quebec merged instead.

Finally, this is just FANTASTIC work! It's a must see!


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